Online Security: How Safe Are You?

Internet technology specialists agree that security is now the top concern for users of Internet technologies. Internet novices are often subject to stories of identity theft, Trojan horses or rootkits, as well as other issues such general spyware and worms. Internet novices might not be familiar with the terms, but they understand that they will face disaster if they don’t use a premium Internet security suite. You can see for more information.

Even those with extensive Internet experience, it can be difficult to know where to look to protect yourself and how to configure it. As Internet users, we have no choice but to use the advice and software available. We lack the resources to know which people we can trust to give us advice. We keep on going without knowing the root causes of these Internet security holes.

Internet security can be surprising to many users. It has much more to do the software installed and running on the computer, than the places they are located on the Web. The rarity of Apple’s software makes it less vulnerable to viruses. The security risks associated with doing the same activities on an Apple computer as you would on a desktop computer are lower. This holds true regardless of which Linux platform you use. Since Windows is the most popular operating system, hackers are likely to develop viruses or worms for Windows vulnerabilities. The easiest way to eliminate most security threats is to switch operating system.

Windows is also vulnerable to hackers because of the way it is built with standard helper applications and applets. Windows Mail Express or Outlook Express can be configured to automatically open files. If you find a virus in a file, it is a sign that something is wrong. This is one example of many vulnerabilities in Windows after it has been installed. Windows is not designed to be secure and then added on features. Instead, Windows has a lot of features. Then, people find bugs and add more features. Your computer is vulnerable unless the bug fixes for Windows are available and installed on your computer before hackers find the vulnerabilities.